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If you’re looking for a premium cue stick from a brand with a long history of success then you should go for the Cuetec Sneaky Pete Cue. Famous for its innovative approach and a strong commitment to quality, Cuetec Cues are packed with top-class features and sold at the most competitive rates in the market. Read on to learn more in this Cuetec Sneaky Pete review.

Whether you term it a cue or a stick, a good pool or billiard cue is one of the most valuable things that you need when you play a pool or billiards game. When you buy a new table, you get a couple of cues bundled with that table, but these cues are mostly inexpensive and they’re going to start falling apart pretty fast. A new and reliable cue will let you play at home and in the tournaments as well.

If you enjoy playing trick shots and experimenting with various techniques while playing pool or billiards, you can quickly learn them by using a Sneaky Pete cue such as the Cuetec Recreational Series. This cue has been developed by Cuetec. It looks like an ordinary cue stick, but in fact, it has the incredible ability to produce amazing bends and cuts for a lower priced cue.

Cuetec Sneaky Pete Review – Is This the Right Cue for You?

Since 1989, Cuetec has been manufacturing high-quality pool cues. Their cues have been used in hundreds of tournaments by winners and have gained endorsements from the best players in the world like Shane Van Boening, which supports their claim that they are one of the top cue makers in the world.

Cuetec is known for its groundbreaking products and aims to bring technological innovations to the pool and billiards industry year after year.

Our goal is to help you find the right pool cue for your style of play, which is why we’re bringing you this Cuetec Sneaky Pete review.

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Why Choose the Cuetec Sneaky Pete Cue?

With an emphasis on quality, the Cuetec Recreational Series Sneaky Pete Cue uses only the finest tip, ferrules, joints and wraps. The exposed ends of this cue are properly covered with a fiber nylon insert to keep the wood from being damaged by environmental conditions. State-of-the-art materials and innovative engineering methods have been used to create a product whose quality and performance are second to none.

This Cuetec pool cue is part of the Sneaky Pete Series and comes in a two-piece measuring 57 inches in length.

Looking at the quality of a cue is really important when you are on the lookout for a new cue. If a pool or billiard stick is smooth to the touch then it warrants the premium quality and will cause low deflection.

The Pros and Cons – Cuetec Sneaky Pete Review


  • Sneaky Pete Design: With its sophisticated and classy Sneaky Pete design, you will get immediate attention where ever you play with this stick. Many of the professional pool and billiard players use this cue for its iconic design and outstanding performance. You can play your tricks and apply your techniques easily with the help of this cue.
  • Light Weight: If you want to play your billiard or pool game comfortably then this Cuetec cue is for you. You can easily adjust the weight of this cue according to your preference. Most beginners and even seasoned players look for cues with lighter weight because a heavy-weight pool cue will be difficult to carry while playing and you won’t be able to play the game with comfort. This Cuetec cue is perfect for this purpose.
  • Ferrule and Tip: These two things are the most important aspects that you need to check at the time of buying the best cue. This cue comes with a Polycarbonate ferrule for better impact and shock absorption which is very essential during any pool or billiard game. Cuetec Natural Series Cues come with a Tiger Everest 10-layer Pigskin tip with a red replacement marker layer for the most precise and accurate shots.
  • Strong Shaft with Tru-Glide Finish: The shaft of this Cuetec cue is made of top-quality North American Maple wood which is durable and strong. Clear fiberglass is bonded over the Maple to help prevent any warps, dents, dings and scratches. If your cue is not perfectly straight then you can’t play well. You may lose every single match you play and will face poor and low deflection. Made with a composite coating to help maintain straightness the Cuetec Recreational Series will help you win your most valuable match. It is very easy to clean and the Tru-Glide finish offers an ultra-smooth and comfortable stroke.
  • Veltex Wrap: The Cuetec recreational cue comes equipped with stainless steel accents along with a hardwood butt featuring Cuetec’s famous Veltex wrap. The wrap of the Cuetec pool cue is smooth and securely attached to the body of the cue. This will help you strike that perfect shot while playing with this stick. This wrap provides a good grip with conventional four prong designs and lovely stains, all at a price that everyone can afford.


  • Selecting the right size
  • It is made from hardwood
cuetec breach break cue review, cuetec breach break review

Cuetec Sneaky Pete Review Conclusion – It’s a Great Beginner Cue

If you’re ready to play with an entry level cue to cause a shocking surprise to your rival while you’re making a sudden move, then the Cuetec Sneaky Pete is your best choice. This cue is great to make a sudden move on the other player due to its Sneaky Pete design. Loaded with wonderful features this cue is ideal for both beginners and professional players.

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